Gaunidhi Herbal Mukhwas


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Gaunidhi Herbal Mukhwas.

{100% DIGESTIVE} :: Helps in gas and indigestion. No Preservative, No Artificial Colour. Gaunidhi Digestive Mukhwas combo is made of 100% Pure Fruits, Herbs & Natural Ingredients. Relish the delicious combination of tanginess and sweetness in your mouth.

{YOUR TRUST OUR BELIEVE} :: Our Mukhwas is infused with the goodness of organic herbs and ingredients which are proven to be beneficial for health. As a tradition in India royal has proven to be helpful in not only removing smell of mouth.

{FRESHNESS EVERYWHERE} :: Our other herbs and ingredients come with a sprinkler bottle as well, which not only enables easy and convenient usage but also aids in keeping the product dry and safe, thus preventing staleness. Comes with easy to carry air tight bottles Gaunidhi provides you with hygienic and best quality.























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Jintan , Sounf , Rocks Mishri , Menthol , Fennel , Permitted edible colors and Flavours.


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