Satvik Dhoop (20pcs)


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Gau Mahima Satvik Dhoop Stick is made from pure cow dung, Kapoor, Ghee & Natural Herbs. It is also, charcoal-free. Burning these dhoop sticks can bring peace of mind and body. Karpoor and natural herbs are very good ingredients and can purify the air along with cow dung. Moreover, Ghee is considered a pure form of offering that has been used in Pujas traditionally. Therefore, it has been included as an ingredient here.

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Gaunidhi Herbals

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Hauber, Gugal, Lobhan, Desi Ghee, Sugndh Kokila, Cow Dung, Havan Samgri, Kapur Kachari, Chandan, Nagar Motha, Meda Lakdi, Jatamasi.


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