The Lotus of the Heart (Hard Bound) English


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The Lotus of the Heart, The Book 4

This book brings us to a doorway to the heart of the world. It is the same doorway that was opened by Srila Prabhupäda, previous Gaudiya ācāryas, and followers of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Bhumi-Vrndāvana is nondifferent from the eternal Goloka-and is a lotus! Unfortunately. the conditioned mind, constantly overloaded by gargantuan amounts of sensory data, refuses to even theoretically accept this truth. Simply unthinkable! For centuries, the descriptions of the lotus of Goloka have been taken to be esoteric symbolism, poetical metaphor, a legend, or pertaining to the celestial worlds, but never tightly connect- ed to the pastime-places of Krsna on the land of Bhumi-Vendāvana.

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Jagannatha Misra Das


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