Unspoken Obstacles On The Path To Bhakti (English) Paper Back


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Unspoken Obstacles On The Path To Bhakti

This book (Unspoken Obstacles On The Path To Bhakti) explores some of these forms of conditioning, and my hope is that it will stimulate introspection and improvement, individually and collectively. In other words, the goal of this book is to invoke social and spiritual reform within ISKCON. Why? Well, for one, because I live within the Society and want to see its problems solved. ISKCON is Srila Prabhupada’s legacy, his mission, his creation or child. Any disciple naturally desires to protect, maintain and rectify his master’s mission. If someone is ill, the first step in curing him is to diagnose the disease. This usually includes checking the tongue, testing the blood pressure and jabbing for blood samples—none of which is pleasant. Without these tests, the doctor cannot ascertain the problem and neither he nor the patient will know what to do.

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